2nd Day of the Novena before Pentecost

O Jesus, keep me in holy fear, so that I may not waste graces. Help me to be faithful to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. Grant that my heart may burst for love of You, rather than I should neglect even one act of love for You (Diary, 1557).

The recognition of God’s majesty and  one’s sinfulness go hand in hand. Nowadays we consider St. Faustina among those who are heroes of the faith. And so when we read the Diary and see the language she uses to describe the state of her soul: “I am weak, poor, I am nothingness”, we may be astonished by it.  St. Faustina’s growth in self-knowledge led her to open herself completely to the power of God and to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. On one hand, fear of the Lord is, so to speak, a fear of one’s capability to be unfaithful. On the other hand, it is trust that God will fulfil what is lacking in us.

Holy Spirit, help me to be  faithful to Your inspirations!