New Year 2019

I started the first hour of the New Year in the Name of the Holy Trinity. I asked each of the Three Persons to bless me and, with great confidence, looked toward the New Year (D.355).

Trust in God removes fear from our hearts. Thus, Sister Faustina could boldly write such words which mean that in her there was no fear about the future that would reveal in the following days and months. She did not fear in spite of the fact that she had reasons to – from a human point of view – worry and experience many concerns regarding her poor health and great challenges that Jesus set before her – and she herself could not cope with. However, she made the decision in her life to focus on the Merciful Heart of Jesus – and not on herself: I resolved to fix my eyes firmly on You, Jesus, the most perfect of models (D. 1483).

If our list of New Year’s resolutions has not been finished yet – let’s add this resolution and make it the first one!