Life so dull and monotonous

In St. Faustina’s life, no day was like the other. Her lively faith and deep relationship with Jesus made her see in every minute of her life a unique grace to grow in love for God and neighbour that He put in her way. She wrote in her Diary: O Supreme God, I want to love You as no one on earth has ever loved you before! I want to adore You with every moment of my life and unite my will closely to Your holy will. My life is not drab or monotonous, but it is varied like a garden of fragrant flowers, so that I don’t know which flower to pick first, the lily of suffering or the rose of love of neighbour or the violet of humility. I will not enumerate these treasures in which my every day abounds. It is a great thing to know how to make use of the present moment (Diary. 296).

Following the spiritual path of Sister Faustina, let us try to live the time entrusted to us in this way. Not “just hanging in there till Friday” or counting down the days to the next holiday. God wants our presence, He wants to undertake daily challenges with us and accompany us in our spiritual growth. He will change our dull and monotonous life in the same way as He did with the life of St. Faustina – the Apostle of the Divine Mercy.