Heaven on earth

It is crucial for us to ponder the mystery of the Ascension of Jesus. Why? In order to touch Heaven on earth. How to do it? St. Faustina, the Champion in Heavenly Highlights Climbing, comes to help us. She wanted to reach the summit of sanctity, so one day she decided: I must not let myself become absorbed in the whirl of work [but] take a break to look up to heaven (Diary, 226). This is a very good practice. So that we do not lose contact with the real Sense of life and its Purpose, so that through focusing mostly on the mundane things, we may not lose those whom we love. We need to look up to Heaven, we need to remind ourselves constantly that God is among us, in our duties, in our relationships, simply in us, that our heart can be heaven for God (see Diary, 238).

Jesus missed his Father very much. He was aware that His Homeland was in Heaven, that is, in being with Him whom His Heart loved most. Let’s imitate Jesus. During the day, let’s stop our duties for a moment to look up to heaven, that is to try to look at our daily life and our neighbour with God’s eyes, to  draw from this experience God’s power to fulfil our everyday affairs with His love so that we can BE WITH HIM Who has loved us with eternal love and draws us to Himself with his mercy (see Jr 31: 3). Then we will experience on earth what St. Faustina came to know, that: Love is heaven given us already here on earth (Diary, 278). Let the Mystery of ascending into Heaven grows in us every day.