Hear the Word

Abiding in prayer creates in us a space of silence in which the Word of God can resound. Therefore, the next stage in our Advent vigil with St. Faustina will be to hear this Word. It reaches everyone individually, because each of us is unique, everyone has his own life story and other things with which he comes to God. And only He knows what our heart longs for. Maybe they are the words:
Do not fear; I am with you (D. 129),
You are My joy; you are My heart’s delight (D. 27),
You are My delightful dwelling place; My Spirit rests in you (D. 346).
Or maybe God will soothe your physical or spiritual suffering, whispering:
My daughter, your sufferings will not last much longer (D. 152), or:
All your miseries have been consumed in the flame of My love
(D. 178).
God has his unique way of communicating with our heart: the Word of the Sacred Scripture, read at random, some conversation or confession. Even his silence can be a “word” encouraging to greater trust and patience.

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to open our ears and hearts to the Word of God. So that we may hear what we are longing for, but also what we are running away from. Though the first is this: ‘Hear, O Israel! (Mk 12:29).