Fulfill the heart’s desire

Continuing our Advent reflections, let us think what to do when our heart is filled with longing for God? From the longing arises the desire to be closer, to shorten the time of waiting, to speed up the time of the meeting. When we read the “Diary” we are struck by the powerful feeling experienced by St. Faustina:
my heart is dying of longing for You, and nothing earthly is tasty to me… (D. 1026),
my soul is longing for God so intensely that I fall into a swoon (D. 946).
This power of love made her take the next step. The longing for God directed St. Faustina into the arms of Him, for Whom she longed for – through prayer and adoration. She says: I spend every free moment at the feet of the hidden God. He is my Master; I ask Him about everything; I speak to Him about everything. Here I obtain strength and light; here I learn everything; here I am given light on how to act toward my neighbor (…). He Himself drew me into the fire of living love on which everything converges (D. 704).

Let us not keep our desire unfulfilled. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to take in His hands our hearts, awakened by the longing for the Lord that comes. May He show us the paths, on which our longing will turn into a joyful expectation, for the One whom we desire to see is so close. Longer prayer, retreats – these are just some forms of God’s answers to the desire of our hearts. For God is the one who, for his good purpose, works in you both to desire and to work (Phil 2:13).