Entrustment to the Divine Mercy in times of trial


In this book we wish to present to you a path of entrustment of oneself to the Merciful God through Mary. Together with Her we are going to listen to the Word of God and to contemplate the Divine Mercy so that in the end we may, with confidence, entrust ourselves to Him. We believe that this path will also lead us to healing and conversion of heart, so that we may become ever more merciful. If you do decide to take this path, each day you will be invited to surrender to God, through Mary, some concrete area of your life. In this book you will find passages that will assist you to make this surrender and also some guide for your personal prayer and meditation.

The book “Entrustment to the Divine Mercy in times of trial” is available in the “Misericordia” bookshop and it can be ordered from the Internet shop.