Entrustment of Oneself to the Merciful God through Mary

Act of Entrustment of Oneself to the Merciful God through Mary

God, Father of Mercy, my heavenly Father, who created me out of love and ceaselessly hold me up in existence.  I praise You for the gift of life that You have given me. Today, I want to place my life into Your hands, so that You may always carry me next to Your fatherly Heart and hold me up in your mercy.  From today, I want to take the road of trust in You, so that the plan that You have for my life, a plan full of mercy may be fulfilled within me.  Father, accomplish what You want in me, just as you have done so in the life of Mary, Your beloved Daughter. Mold me as You please, that I may become like unto Her who is all beautiful and wholly infused by Your fatherly mercy.

Merciful Jesus, my Saviour, moved by mercy for me a sinner, You came down to earth to save me. For my sake You allowed Yourself to be nailed to the cross, for my sake You died, and for my sake You destroyed death. I thank You for the new life that You give me. To You I entrust myself, so that the rays of mercy flowing from Your pierced Side may embrace, penetrate and heal me.  In Your rays I want to the discover the precious gift of the holy sacraments: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confession. Jesus, I promise You that throughout all my life I will draw from these founts of mercy. With the help of Mary, Your Mother and mine, I promise to remain faithfully in You and to listen to Your word. I want to keep my gaze fixed on Your life so that I may become ever more like unto You. Jesus, I want to be Your disciple, to be merciful like You.

Holy Spirit, my Consoler and Defender, You are in me and beside me at every moment of my life. I praise You because You guide me, You prompt me with good inspirations and You sanctify me. Spirit of Love and Mercy, You who fill my heart with trust and who strengthen it during every spiritual battle and trial. Today, through Mary, Your immaculate Spouse, I entrust myself to You and submit myself to Your guidance. Fill me with Your presence and Your gifts! From today, I belong to Mary and live in Her. I believe, that when You see Her in me, You will come to me with joy and live in my heart. I want to live always in Your presence, O Holy Spirit.

Mary, Mother of Mercy, You love me and guide me through my life. I give You thanks just because You are.  Today, aware of the vastness of the Divine Mercy that I experience in my life, in the presence of my holy patrons, my Guardian Angel, all the Angels and Saints, I am consciously making this act of entrustment of myself to the merciful God through You, who are His Beloved Daughter, Mother and Spouse. Today, into Your motherly hands I place once again my whole life, my past, present and future. To You I entrust my soul and body, my mind and will, my heart. Everything that I have, I entrust to You. From now on, everything that I will do in my life, I want to do with You, in You, through You and for You. I know that You keep nothing for yourself, that You surrender everything into God’s hands.  Today, through You, O Mary, I want to give myself to Him anew, for He alone is my Way, my Truth and my Life; He alone is my Love and my Mercy.

God, my Father! Jesus, my Friend and Spouse! Holy Spirit, my Comforter and Guide! O my Three! My All! My One and Only Merciful God! I am all Yours through Mary! I am Your child and servant. Send me there, where[ever] You may wish, make use of me in the mission of evangelisation and proclamation of the truth about Your Divine Mercy. Amen.

Jesus, I trust in You! Mary, to you I entrust myself!