Enter the ring! – the fight of Lent

Ash Wednesday starts a special time of preparation for the greatest celebrations for Christians. How will you live this time? Will it be waiting, counting down the following Sundays of Lent so that at the end  you may lose yourself in preparation for the Easter breakfast? I invite you today to live this time together with St. Faustina – to enter the ring to fight a spiritual battle. Know that you are now on a great stage where all heaven and earth are watching you. Fight like a knight, so that I can reward you. Do not be unduly fearful, because you are not alone (Diary, 1760). The truth is that you are on the stage too. The awareness of the fact that the fight is already going on is half the battle. And the failure is that you are deluding yourself that you can remain undecided, “politically correct”, before two combating powers – good and evil. If you decide not to sleep through the Lenten time, I invite you to enter this spiritual warfare – do it for yourself, for those who lie at your feet – defeated, overwhelmed by sins, addictions, hatred, lack of forgiveness. Here is the message for you: My child, life on earth is a struggle indeed; a great struggle for My kingdom. But fear not, because you are not alone. I am always supporting you, so lean on Me as you struggle, fearing nothing. Take the vessel of trust and draw from the fountain of life — for yourself, but also for other souls, especially such as are distrustful of My goodness (Diary, 1488).

The first round will take place next Sunday.