Enter the ring! Second round

The first mistake in a spiritual battle may be your thinking that your opponent will follow some rules. Here are a few of those that regulate the behaviour of players (boxers) on the ring:

  • you cannot hit an opponent when he is down or rising (getting up);
  • you cannot hold your opponent and hit him at the same time;
  • when the referee breaks fighters from a clinch, you have to take a full step back;
  • you cannot immediately hit your opponent.
  • in case of a foul that results in an injury that causes the fight to end immediately,
  • the boxer who committed the foul is disqualified.

Do not delude yourself that you will find any similarities in spiritual life to come to know the rules of the fight and to predict your opponent’s reaction. He will hit you, even when you fall after his first blow. He will not let you to take a few steps back to catch a breath. He will follow you to strike another blow. Your opponent will run until the end of the world – despite the fact that he has already been disqualified. Therefore, at the beginning of the fight, your first victory will be that you will accept that he is stronger than you. You are a sinner – weak, prone to evil, to condemn, full of pride and selfishness. You are not able to win this fight alone – not even one round. You see, My child, what you are of yourself – said Jesus to St. Faustina – The cause of your falls is that you rely too much upon yourself and too little on Me. But let this not sadden you so much. You are dealing with the God of mercy, which your misery cannot exhaust. Remember, I did not allot only a certain number of pardons (Diary, 1488).Therefore, stand to fight (hand in hand) with Jesus – He is stronger than your opponent and He will protect you. St. Faustina confesses: Whatever I do, I do not rely on my own strength, but on God’s grace. With God’s grace a soul can overcome the greatest difficulties (Diary, 287).