Enter the ring! Fourth round

In the fourth round I invite you to take a courageous step: Declare yourself a winner now! It is not important that the fight is still going on – you already know that the Referee is on your side. Let him triumphantly lift up your hand in a gesture of victory. However, the decision is yours and it must be a concrete and clear decision that you choose the side of the only Winner – Jesus Christ. I am supporting you; if only you are willing to fight – said Jesus to St. Faustina – know that the victory is always on your side (Diary 1560). And St. James encourages us: So submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4: 7).

I invite you today to entrust yourself completely to God, as St. Faustina did: My Savior, in union with You, I will commit my soul into the hands of the Heavenly Father, full of trust in Your unfathomable mercy (Diary 582). Standing in the ring, before the opponents who are watching you, look into the eyes of the only Referee who loves you unconditionally and say with conviction that you give Him your heart and proclaim that He is the only Saviour and Lord of your whole life. Do the same for those who cannot do it now because they are too weak. One more time think about the people for whom you have taken the Lenten fight. They are also children of God! Proclaim Jesus as the Lord of your problems, relations, attachments … Lent is the time of turning your heart to God and cleansing it by getting rid of unnecessary baggage, in order to give yourself more freely to the Kingdom – I am a host in Your hand, O Jesus, my Creator and Lord (Diary 1629) .

The end of the fight next week. Do not retreat! Do not surrender!