Easter wishes 2019

My daughter, look into the abyss of My mercy and 
give praise and glory to this mercy of Mine. 
Do it in this way: Gather all sinners from the entire world and

immerse them in the abyss of My mercy.

(Diary, 206)

Dear Apostles of the Divine Mercy!

The events of Holy Week are approaching. This is the time when we ponder the abyss of the Mercy of God, who did not spare even His Only Son, but He gave Him for the sake of all of us, saving us from our sins. We contemplate Jesus who, though in His Passion and in the torment of the Cross did not obtain human mercy – as John Paul II wrote in the Encyclical Dives in Misericordia – but He has revealed in His resurrection the fullness of the love that the Father has for Him and, in Him, for all people – love that is more powerful than death. The same Christ, the Resurrected Son of God, reveals Himself to us today as the inexhaustible Source of Mercy, from which anyone who comes closer to Him with trust can draw the necessary graces.

Contemplating the mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, we want to draw from the Spring of Mercy and fill ourselves with Jesus’ mercy. It is mercy that transforms us and enables us to practice mercy towards our neighbour and become witnesses of His love, which is more powerful than death and the sin of man. As apostles of the Divine Mercy, following Jesus’ concern so that each man may receive the gift of Redemption, we want to draw from the Source of Mercy not only for ourselves, but also for other souls, especially those who do not believe in God’s goodness. We want to do it in the way that Jesus Himself recommended Sister Faustina that is: gathering all sinners from the entire world and immersing them in the abyss of Divine Mercy. 

During this year’s Passover may we praise and worship the Divine Mercy! May as many souls as possible approach the Source of Mercy through our ministry of love, sacrifice and prayer. May our greatest joy be every man who believes in love that is more powerful than his sin and who with confidence will drown himself in the abyss of God’s Mercy. May the Mercy of God be glorified in us and in every human heart!

With our best wishes and prayer

Sr. Miriam Janiec, ZMBM

president of the Faustinum Association
together with the Sisters 

Easter, 2019