Divine Mercy, in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. (D. 949)

Thank You, O God, for Holy Baptism,
Which has grafted me into the family of God,
It is a great and unfathomable gift of grace
Which transforms our souls. (D. 1286)

St. Faustina had great gratitude to God for the gift of receiving the sacrament of baptism. She was aware of the greatness of this gift of Divine Mercy, which transforms the human soul, frees it from the clutches of the evil spirit and makes it a child of God. It cleanses from original sin and enables faith, deeper hope and purer love. It immerses in the power of the Holy Spirit and the entire paschal mystery of Christ so that the baptized inherits the Kingdom of God.

Do I consider the secret of baptism, even on the occasion of the Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord or my own anniversary of receiving the sacrament of baptism?

Do I remember the date of my baptism?

Do I thank God for the grace of baptism?

Do I pray for my godparents?

Do I try to learn more about the value of baptism by reading the Church’s documents?

Maybe on the occasion of the Holy Baptism Sunday I will read the Catechism of the Catholic Church No. 1213-1222 and the Instruction on the Baptism of Children – the Holy Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith …
Jesus, you were baptized out of love for me, although you had no sin in yourself, be glorified!