Despite everything: Jesus, I trust in You

Each one of us experiences fear of the unknown, especially when our physical strength fails and as we get on in years. Yet, this is exactly when we have a greater opportunity to trust ever more in God, to count on His presence and on His help.  This kind of experience was not foreign to St. Faustina.  In her Diary she wrote: Today at midnight I bade farewell to 1936, the old year, and welcomed 1937. In that first hour of the New Year I trembled with fear as I looked at this time right in the eye. O merciful Jesus, with You I shall go forth bravely and boldly into the fray of battle. In Your name I shall accomplish everything, and win all. O God, infinite Goodness, I pray You, let Your infinite mercy accompany me always and in all things.

On entering this year I am overcome with the dread of life, but Jesus is leading me out of this dread … (Diary 859)

And for the rest of us, let strive to trust in God’s love for us. Let us strive to believe in His mercy, because He really does care for each one of us and each one of us is important to Him. So go forward bravely into the New Year 2020!