Days of the Apostles of Divine Mercy – Day 2

This second day was a time to learn about the Divine Mercy more thoroughly. Sr. Emanuela Gemza, OLM, during her conference, drew attention to the Image of the Merciful Jesus.  Through it, God who is Mercy shows himself visually, through an image. Fr. Krzysztof Wons, SDS, analyzing passages from two chapters of the Gospel of Luke, fervently encouraged all to meditate on the great mercy of God expressed in the act of Incarnation.  

The Most Rev. Martin Igwe Uzoukwu, Bishop of Minna, Nigeria presided over the Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Mass – a time to ponder even more deeply the mystery of kenosis, of the divine condescension of God who for us became Man and was born not in a palace, not to a rich family but in a poor, manger in Bethlehem. And all this so that he may lift man up, break him free from the ‘stable’ that is human sin.

Such an experience of God who comes to us with his love leads to giving witness. And so this evening, there will be time for all participants to share their personal experience of the God of mercy – they will break out into small groups divided by language to do so.