Day for Consecrated Life 2019

Today, on the Day for Consecrated Life, we pray in a special way for all those who, through their religious vows, gave their lives to God. They have a special task to make God present, His attributes – depending on the charism of the order or institute to which they belong. Jesus said to Sister Faustina: Every soul, and especially the soul of every religious should reflect My mercy. My Heart overflows with compassion and mercy for all. The heart of My beloved must resemble Mine; from her heart must spring the fountain of My mercy for souls; otherwise I will not acknowledge her as Mine (Diary 1148). He instructed her to pray for those who are dear to Him, and are exposed to the greatest spiritual warfare with the enemy of our salvation: I place in your care two pearls very precious to My Heart: these are the souls of priests and religious. You will pray particularly for them; their power will come from your diminishment. You will join prayers, fasts, mortifications, labors and all sufferings to My prayer, fasting, mortification, labors and sufferings and then they will have power before My Father (Diary 531).

May we remember today this request of Jesus and together with Mary entrust all those consecrated persons to the Divine Mercy.