Commemoration of St. Sister Faustina

Maybe you have wondered many times what the secret of St. Sister Faustina is – the secret of her intimate relationship with God in the ordinary events of her daily life, whilst she undertook everyday activities and duties? What did she do that enabled her to meet with the living God and His grace in the most ordinary and humdrum moments of life?

By reading the Diary of St. Sister Faustina we may discover the answer to this mystery, and knowing it we may start to live in the same way in order to develop such a close relationship with God and remain in profound union with Him in all the circumstances and events of our daily life.

Whilst celebrating in the Church the commemoration of St. Sister Faustina, let us thank God for her life and mission, as well as for the graces obtained through her intercession. May we do it with the help of the prayer said by St. John Paul II during the homily preached at her Canonisation on April 30, 2000.

We also invite you to listen to the talk given by Sr. M. Alicja Zelmańska, President of the “Faustinum” Association, entitled The source of mercy is inside us. The secret of St. Sister Faustina.