Christmas wishes 2017

The most holy Mother said to me,
‘Take My Dearest Treasure’,
and She handed me the Infant Jesus
St. Faustina (Diary, 608)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ
Members and Volunteers of “Faustinum”

The Incarnation of the Son of God came to pass in secret. God came to the unheard-of village Nazareth, to a simple Girl, known only to her closest relatives. God came to entrust Her with the Greatest Treasure – His Beloved Son.

The birth of Jesus also came to pass in secret. On that special night the inhabitants of Bethlehem didn’t even guess how great event had taken place on the outskirts of their town. There, where Mary gave birth to the Son of God, She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger.

Christmas is coming, the time filled with cordial gatherings with our relatives, the time of wishes and mutual giving and receiving gifts. Yet, we know that the external dimension of the celebration is not the essence of Christmas. Its core is what will take place in secret, in the depths of our hearts. It is precisely there that he Blessed Mother wants to place Her greatest Treasure – Jesus, so that we may love Him and adore Him there. I wish you and I pray that Mary may kindle the fire of God’s love in us, the fire that burned in Her heart. I wish that Jesus may become the greatest Treasure of our hearts, and His will be the point of reference for all our decisions and choices in this year.

I remain united with you in prayer during the Adoration of the Infant Jesus,

sr. Miriam Janiec ZMBM
President of the “Faustinum” Association
together with the Sisters from “Faustinum”