Christmas 2019

Dear Apostles of Divine Mercy!

During Christmas of 1932, the holy sister St. Faustina wrote these words:  “During Midnight Mass I saw the Infant Jesus in the Host (…)  Even though He was a little baby, His majesty pervaded my soul. I was completely permeated by this mystery, God’s coming down and making Himself so lowly, expending Himself so unspeakably.  It was alive in my soul for the whole of Christmas” (Diary 182).

As we celebrate this holy season of Christmas, we wish for you the grace of deep awe and wonder at the mystery of God’s coming down and making Himself so lowly.  May St. Faustina, who saw the Infant Jesus in the Host and allowed herself to be pervaded by the greatness of His majesty, obtain for us the grace of living faith so that always when we adore the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, we may glorify the Word of God – Mercy Incarnate, who dwelt among us out of love for us.  It is also our Christmas wish and prayer that  Eucharistic Adoration of our God who became a Child and hid Himself in the Host, may transform our way of thinking and acting so that He may be the true Lord of our life. May His mercy revealed in His coming down and making Himself so lowly become the example and source of all our decisions  and actions. Throughout this holy season that is drawing near, may the love of Jesus, Mercy Incarnate permeate our hearts, our Families and Communities; may it fill us with joy flowing from the reality that God loves us so very much.

As we share with you, in spirit, the Christmas Wafer (opłatek), be assured of our spiritual closeness and our heartfelt prayers for your intentions.

A Most Blessed Christmas to you and all your loved ones!


From the Faustinum Team of Sisters








Christmas 2019