Chapter II


Purpose and Means of Action

§8. The purpose of the Association consists in the following:

(1) to strive for Christian perfection, that is, perfect love along the path of trust in God and mercy toward neighbour;
(2) to learn and to participate in [the work of] proclaiming the mystery of Divine Mercy most fully revealed in Christ crucified and risen;
(3) to implore the Divine Mercy for the whole world, especially for sinners, for priests and religious.

§9. In fulfilling its goals, the Association shall in particular:

(1) participate in  [the work of]  proclaiming the message of the Divine Mercy by the witness of life and word;
(2) implore Divine Mercy for the world through a deeper sacramental life, prayer, sacrifice, and deeds of mercy;
(3) contribute to [the spreading of] the practice of the forms of devotion to the Divine Mercy handed down by Saint Faustina: veneration of the image of the Merciful Jesus, the Feast of Divine Mercy, the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy, and prayer at the Hour of Mercy (3:00 p.m.);
(4) conduct a formation [program] in the spirit of Saint Faustina, prepare and publish materials for use in the formation of the members of the Association, and issue a periodical entitled, Orędzie Miłosierdzia;
(5) organise symposia and inspire research with the goal of deepening the theology of the Divine Mercy, the Divine Mercy devotion, and knowledge of the life and mission of Saint Faustina;
(6) insofar as possible, undertake or take part in works of mercy, especially toward persons in need of deep moral renewal;
(7) support the creation of communities of Apostles of the Divine Mercy at the parish level, in accordance with the appropriate provisions of law;
(8) cooperate with persons and institutions that pursue goals similar to the goals of the Association.