Chapter I


General Provisions

§1. The Association shall bear the name The “Faustinum” Association of Apostles of the Divine Mercy, and shall be referred to hereinafter as the “Association.”

§2. The Association grew out of the charism of Saint Faustina Kowalska from the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. Priests, consecrated persons and laity, who desire to bring to the world the message of the Divine Mercy by the witness of life, deed and prayer may join the Association.

§3. The headquarters of the Association is at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Kraków, Łagiewniki. 

§4. The Association operates in the territory of the Archdiocese of Kraków as well as in those dioceses in Poland and abroad where, with the consent of the diocesan Bishop, Communities of “Faustinum” are officially established.

§5. The Association operates by virtue of a Decree of Erection of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kraków and possesses an ecclesiastical juridical personality.

§6. Priests of the Society of Jesus shall exercise spiritual care over the Association.


(1) A seal with the inscription: Stowarzyszenie Apostołów Bożego Miłosierdzia „Faustinum” shall be used by the Association.
(2) The Association shall have a logo, a badge of membership, and shall issue membership identification cards according to the design approved by the Executive Board.