Bond of love

“God, as Christ has revealed Him, does not merely remain closely linked with the world as the Creator and the ultimate source of existence. He is also Father: He is linked to man, whom He called to existence in the visible world, by a bond still more intimate than that of creation. It is love which not only creates the good but also grants participation in the very life of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For he who loves desires to give himself” (Dives in misericordia, 7).

God’s infinite mercy is the reason for which God created the world and each of us. At the beginning of my existence is the word of God – the word of his love towards me. This is a word that He will never take back, it will never change. God has spoken it over me not only when He created me, but He does it every day, in every moment of my life! This word of mercy calls me a beloved child of the Father and invites me to a unique, intimate relationship with the entire Holy Trinity …

Do you have an experience in your life of God’s fatherly love and care for you?

Did you know that in the Heart of God the Father there is a place exclusively for you?

What are you doing to care for and develop this extraordinary bond of love to which God in His mercy invites you?

“Today, my soul has the disposition of a child. I unite myself to God as a child to its father. I feel completely like a child of God” (Diary 1818).

“Jesus, living Host, You are my Mother, You are my all! It is with simplicity and love, with faith and trust that I will always come to You, O Jesus! I will share everything with You, as a child with its loving mother, my joys and sorrows — in a word, everything” (Diary 230).