Baptism of the Lord 2019

My love has taken possession of your soul… (D. 229).

The Baptism of the Lord closes the Christmas season. At the end of this beautiful time of revelation of God’s closeness, we remain with the words: You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased (Luke 3:22). The same words God spoke to each of us at the time of our baptism – and never ceased to repeat them. Sister Faustina wrote such words of Jesus: You would not have been able to bear the magnitude of the love which I have for you if I had revealed it to you fully here on earth. I often give you a glimpse of it, but know that this is only an exceptional grace from Me. My love and mercy knows no bounds (D. 718). He constantly persuaded her that his love deceives no one (cf. D. 29) and He wanted her to know this love more profoundly (cf. Diary 186). May today’s Solemnity be for us an invitation to hear again the confession of love of God the Father, to accept this truth in our hearts and let it penetrate our whole life. We are to do this because our God wants us to have life and have it more abundantly (cf. J 10:10). As he said to Sister Faustina: My love has taken possession of your soul, and I want you to be confirmed in it (D. 229).