Awaken a longing in the heart

At the beginning of Advent, we usually make resolutions so that the time of waiting for the birth of Jesus may be the time of greater concentration and silence. Yet, it comes out differently, and it is almost impossible to make it during the Christmas rush. Last-minute shopping, forgotten gift for a further relative, house cleaning … We’ve known our scenario for years and … we repeat it every year. Let’s try to get inspired by the “Diary” of St. Faustina. Maybe we will get infected with the “virus” of longing that always overwhelmed her during Advent and our waiting will be different this time. What will it be like? We do not know. Let us be surprised by the Holy Spirit.

The “litany of longing” that resounds in the “Diary” is long:
where my God reigns, this it is that my soul yearns for… (Diary. 1653),
my spirit finds satisfaction in nothing, more and more I yearn for God (D.1713),
My heart is languishing for God, I desire to become united with Him… (D.1050),
I wait for You, Lord, in calm and silence, with great longing… (D. 1589),
if You Yourself do not soothe the longing of my soul, then no one can either comfort or soothe it (D. 1600).

What should we do to have the same desires in our hearts?
Let’s begin with the easiest and simplest thing that often escapes our attention. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to put those desires into our hearts. If there is no desire for God in us, let us ask Him to awaken this longing in our hearts. If we do not think about Him – to give us the experience of God’s living presence in our hearts. If our desires focus our attention on earthly and pleasant things – to reveal to us His omnipotence and love.
For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened (Mt 7:8).