Answer the call

In the last days of Advent – our time of expectation, let us ask ourselves what answer to the Word that we have heard, our Lord expects from us. Because there is a big gap between “hear” and “fulfill”. Fear of human opinion, poor faith and many other obstacles appear in the way of our growing in faith and listening to God. St. Faustina wrote: When, over a long period of time, a soul has received much light and many inspirations, and when the confessors have confirmed the source of these inspirations and set the soul at peace; if its love is great, Jesus now makes it known that it is time to put into action what it has received. The soul recognizes that God is counting on it, and this knowledge fortifies it. It knows that to be faithful it will often have to face various difficulties, but it trusts in God and, thanks to this trust, it reaches that point to which God is calling it (D. 145).

Have we been able to hear the Word that God says to us? Do we have strength and courage to accept and fulfill it? Since the Word became flesh, since God approached man so much, it is not for us to be alone now and to seek Him “in the darkness”. Our longing and desires that we discover in our hearts are the reflection of his feelings towards us. He is the first to help us fulfill the tasks that He sets before us. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us open our hearts to God that comes and to his Word. He promised that He would not leave us orphans (see J 14:18). May the testimony of St. Faustina convince us that God really wants to be close to us:

The Vigil of Christmas. During the morning Mass, I felt the closeness of God. Though I was hardly aware of it, my spirit was drowned in God. Suddenly, I heard these words: You are My delightful dwelling place; My Spirit rests in you. After these words, I felt the Lord looking into the depths of my heart; and seeing my misery, I humbled myself in spirit and admired the immense mercy of God, that the Most High Lord would approach such misery. During Holy Communion, joy filled my soul. I felt that I am closely united to the Godhead. His omnipotence enveloped my whole being. Throughout the whole day I felt the closeness of God in a special manner; and although my duties prevented me throughout the whole day from going to chapel even for a moment, there was not a moment when I was not united with God. I felt Him within me more distinctly than ever. Unceasingly greeting the Mother of God and entering into Her spirit, I begged Her to teach me true love of God (D. 346).