All Saints’ Day 2020

On November 1 – the Solemnity of All Saints – this is a special day of praising God’s Mercy for so many wonderful people whom we worship as saints and who show us the way to God with their lives. It is also a special day in the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, because we celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of our religious family. We thank the merciful God for our Foundress Mother Teresa Potocka and the charism of mercy that God entrusted to her, and for the spiritual co-founder of the Congregation – St. Faustina.  We kindly ask you for your prayer for all of us and for new vocations.

“Adore, my soul, the mercy of the Lord,
O my heart, rejoice wholly in Him,
Because for this you have been chosen by Him,
To spread the glory of His mercy” (Diary 1652).