Advent journey of yearning with St. Faustina #6

During this season of Advent, I received the grace that fulfilled my desire – to see God’s mercy in everything: in heaven and on earth, in meeting my brothers, patients and health workers, in silence, in reading the Gospel and in the Diary of St. Faustina. My desire to rediscover God’s presence in the Scriptures and in my heart has been realized, to be thankful for all that the Lord has given me in my life, and to look to the future with hope in order to calmly go through this time of trial. I thank St. Faustina, because every day when I read her Diary, she enlightens me with her testimony of faith, she can cheer me up, guide me and give me courage.

Blessed Christmas! Jesus, I trust in You +
Father Attilio, OFM, Italy


Advent was different this year, I told myself: it will be similar to Lent because of this terrible time of the pandemic. But this is my first Advent at Faustinum …! Finally, together with the family of the Apostles of Divine Mercy, I was able to follow the “Advent journey of yearning St. Faustina “, to travel to Bethlehem, to the Mercy of the Child Jesus.

I am sure that on Christmas Eve I will recognize in this Child all the Love of the Father, all the tenderness that surrounds this Child, which envelops each of us at every moment, and I will repeat trustingly: Jesus, I trust in You! I trust this sweet Child who chose Bethlehem and who chooses my poor heart every day for his birth and to teach me mercy …

This is my Christmas …

Saint Faustina, help me not to forget any of Your teachings.

Jesus, I trust you.
Evelina, Italy


I consider this year a special year because I have felt more united to you than ever. Every day I thought, meditated and tried to carry out tasks for each week of Advent! I knew how deeply Sister Faustina experienced this Christmas season and I was preparing with her to receive the born Jesus in my heart.

Jesus, I trust you!
Your Apostle
Camillo, Italy


During this time of Advent, I was surprised that the wishes of Sister Faustina, which we considered in the following weeks, so closely matched what was happening in my life. In the first week, I had my 3 days retreat and it was the time when God let me know the truth about myself and about Him, who is so extraordinary in His mercy! In the following week, I also found the subject of trust in the Word of God, which I contemplated on a daily basis, and in the Diary. Prayer for trust helped me when suffering came into my life at this time. Sister Faustina’s desire to glorify God was a help for me to glorify his Mercy also in the midst of the difficulties I experienced. I thank Merciful Jesus for this time and for all the favors I have received.

sr. M. Emanuela, Krakow


Peace and good!

My name is Giusy and I am an apostle of God’s Mercy!

Here is my testimony of Advent:

This year I was able to experience the Advent journey in a different, much more beautiful and wonderful way than in previous years, and for that I also thank Sister Emanuela – for her work. This year I understood the true meaning of Advent, through the video recordings every Sunday with the testimony of St. Faustina Kowalska, but also through meditation with my group GI.FRA (Franciscan Youth); I understood that ADVENT is AWAITING, AWARENING, BEING ATTENTIVE, THIRSTING for God’s Mercy, His Love. And not only on a symbolic level – as if it were a time that only fleetingly resembles the coming of God who became man some 2,000 years ago, but rather as a time to be awakened in Love, waiting for the coming of the glorious, just and merciful Lord, who will judge righteously.

I was able to discover this truth that has always eluded me in other years and thanks to this, every day I was able to constantly pay attention and look for the day when we will see with our own eyes Love and Mercy in our midst!

Giusy, Apostle of Mercy from Italy


At this time marked by Covid, the presence of Jesus in me and the awareness of His Mercy and His tenderness widened my heart.

Despite the difficulties I encounter every day… I have found a hidden happiness that I never imagined.

I would like to tell everyone about His Mercy and the Peace He gives.

Thank you Jesus! And thank you to all brothers and sisters!

Blessed Christmas!
Gabriella, Italy