Adopt a dying man

The Apostles of Divine Mercy from Faustinum in Italy came out with the initiative “Adopt a dying person”. They encourage people to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for dying people – especially for those who suffer from COVID-19, who are not able to receive the sacraments, especially for those who are in intensive care units. This initiative was born of faith in the promises God has given to those who say the Chaplet for those who are dying: When this chaplet is said by the bedside of a dying person, God’s anger is placated, unfathomable mercy envelops the soul, and the very depths of My tender mercy are moved for the sake of the sorrowful Passion of My Son (Diary 811).

St. Faustina experienced how Jesus’ promise was fulfilled: When I entered the chapel for a moment, the Lord said to me, My daughter, help Me to save a certain dying sinner. Say the chaplet that I have taught you for him. When I began to say the chaplet, I saw the man dying in the midst of terrible torment and struggle. His Guardian Angel was defending him, but he was, as it were, powerless against the enormity of the soul’s misery. A multitude of devils was waiting for the soul. But while I was saying the chaplet, I saw Jesus just as He is depicted in the image. The rays which issued from Jesus’ Heart enveloped the sick man, and the powers of darkness fled in panic. The sick man peacefully breathed his last (Diary 1565).

Below you can see photos of the Italian apostles of Divine Mercy who have already taken this action.