89th Anniversary of the Revelation of the Image of the Merciful Jesus

Exactly today, the 22nd of February, marks the 89th anniversary of the revelation to the holy religious St. Faustina of the most famous picture in the world: the Image of the Divine Mercy. 

The creator of the image is God Himself, and each element of the picture has a specific symbolic and spiritual meaning. For example, the rays stand for blood and water. The pale ray stands for the water which justifies souls; and the red ray stands for the blood which is the life of souls… [Jesus said,] these two rays emerged from the innermost depth of My mercy when My dying heart was opened up on the cross by the spear (D. 299) or My gaze from this picture is like My gaze from the cross (D. 326). Sister Faustina wrote down these words of Our Lord in her “Diary”. The most important promise of the Lord Jesus, however, is connected with veneration of this image. Through this picture I shall dispense many graces to souls, and therefore let every soul have access to it (D. 570). Today, therefore, let us strive in a special to trust completely, and also to persevere daily in prayer before the Image of the Merciful Jesus, and to implore all necessary graces for ourselves and for the whole world.  Let us also make efforts to imitate that which we see on this picture:  God, rich in mercy, who looks with love (eyes), who blesses (hand raised), who strengthens us in the holy sacraments (rays) and expects only one thing:  an attitude of the heart expressed in these words: Jesus, I trust in You!

Because that’s what true worshippers of the Divine Mercy do.