5th Day of the Novena before Pentecost

Oh, if souls would only be willing to listen, at least a little, to the voice of conscience and the voice – that is, the inspirations – of the Holy Spirit! I say „at least a little,” because once we open ourselves to the influence of the Holy Spirit, He Himself will fulfill what is lacking in us (Diary, 359). 

For the Holy Spirit to fulfill what is lacking in us, we need to be deeply aware of what we do not possess and brave enough to name it. And who teaches us how to write our curriculum vitae where we list down our inabilities? This is difficult to do, even before God. And when the Holy Spirit starts speaking to us through the language of pain, loneliness, frustration, it may be hard for us to understand what He is trying to say. Being aware of what is happening within us is the first step towards changing our hearts!

Holy Spirit, enable me to surrender myself to You!