The “Faustinum” Association

The Asso­cia­tion of the Apo­stles of Divi­ne Mer­cy “Fau­sti­num” springs from the cha­rism of Saint Fau­sti­na, from her spi­ri­tu­ali­ty and her apo­sto­lic acti­vi­ties. It brings toge­ther prie­sts, reli­gio­us, and lay per­sons who desi­re to serve the mes­sa­ge of Divi­ne Mer­cy.

The Asso­cia­tion “Fau­sti­num” was foun­ded on March 6, 1996 by the Metro­po­li­tan Arch­bi­shop of Kra­kow, Fran­ci­szek Car­di­nal Machar­ski, at the requ­est of the Supe­rior Gene­ral of the Con­gre­ga­tion of Sisters of Our Lady of Mer­cy, Mother Pau­li­na Slom­ka. The Asso­cia­tion “Fau­sti­num” has both the Chur­ch’s appro­val and a civil legal sta­tus. The Asso­cia­tion of the Apo­stles of Divi­ne Mer­cy is sub­or­di­na­te to the Metro­po­li­tan Arch­bi­shop of Kra­kow, and from the Socie­ty of Jesus, the Metro­po­li­tan con­firms its spi­ri­tu­al direc­tor. The seat of the Asso­cia­tion “Fau­sti­num” is loca­ted at the world cen­tre for wor­ship of Divi­ne Mer­cy in Kra­kow-Lagiew­ni­ki.

The goals of the Asso­cia­tion:

  1. To stri­ve for Chri­stian per­fec­tion – that is, to per­fect love – fol­lo­wing the path of trust in God and mer­cy toward one­’s neigh­bo­ur.
  2. To come to know and proc­la­im the myste­ry of Divi­ne Mer­cy as most ful­ly reve­aled in the cru­ci­fied and risen Christ.
  3. To implo­re God’s mer­cy for the who­le world, espe­cial­ly for sin­ners as well as for prie­sts and reli­gio­us.

The Com­mu­ni­ty of the Asso­cia­tion of the Apo­stles of Divi­ne Mer­cy con­si­sts of volun­te­ers and mem­bers from near­ly 100 dif­fe­rent coun­tries on all con­ti­nents.

The main empha­sis in the acti­vi­ty of the Asso­cia­tion is laid pre­ci­se­ly on the for­ma­tion which is to help the apo­stles of Divi­ne Mer­cy faci­li­ta­te the­ir enco­un­ter with the Mer­ci­ful Jesus, intro­du­ce them into the fasci­na­ting world of being in com­mu­nion with God and pre­pa­re them to under­ta­ke the mis­sion of mer­cy in the­ir own milieu.