There is no Christmas without Advent

Real­ly, witho­ut fre­eing our­se­lves from the whirl of work, witho­ut stop­ping even for a moment, witho­ut thin­king and try­ing to look at our eve­ry­day life thro­ugh God’s eyes, witho­ut waiting for God to come in silen­ce and pray­er — sim­ply witho­ut Advent awa­iting for the incar­na­te Mer­cy, the­re is no real Chri­st­mas. If we let our­se­lves be over­whel­med by wor­ries abo­ut shop­ping, gifts, how to bake cakes, what else to cle­an, etc., it may end with the fact that at Chri­st­mas we will feel tired and nervo­us in our hearts and homes. 

What can we do to spend this holy time dif­fe­ren­tly, i.e. in the spi­rit that accom­pa­nied the Mother of God?

We  enco­ura­ge you to join our com­mon pray­er from Decem­ber 1 accor­ding to the reflec­tions taken from the Gospel for par­ti­cu­lar Sun­day of Advent and the “Dia­ry” of St. Fau­sti­na, and to take spe­ci­fic prac­ti­ces that can help us pre­pa­re well for Chri­st­mas.