A priesthood retreat is underway

On Novem­ber 18–22 at the Shri­ne of Divi­ne Mer­cy in Łagiew­ni­ki the retre­at for prie­sts is being orga­ni­zed by our Asso­cia­tion “Fau­sti­num”. A retre­at topic „Prie­sts – Wit­nes­ses of Mer­cy” pre­aches Fr. Sta­ni­sław Wit­kow­ski MS – Bible scho­lar. During the retre­at, prie­sts in in-depth pray­er with the word of God, using also the spi­ri­tu­al expe­rien­ce of St. Fau­sti­na, are invi­ted to redi­sco­ver the­ir iden­ti­ty of being spe­cial wit­nes­ses of Divi­ne Mer­cy. Ple­ase pray for the lec­tu­rer and retre­at par­ti­ci­pants.

We invi­te you to pray for prie­sts toge­ther by the words of St Fau­sti­na:

Lord, give us holy prie­sts; You your­self main­ta­in them in holi­ness. O Divi­ne and Gre­at High Priest, may the power of Your mer­cy accom­pa­ny them eve­ry­whe­re and pro­tect them from the devil’s traps and sna­res which are con­ti­nu­al­ly being set for the souls of prie­sts. May the power of Your mer­cy, O Lord, shat­ter and bring to naught all that might tar­nish the sanc­ti­ty of prie­sts, for You can do all things” (Dia­ry 1052).