I believe in the communion of saints

I do not belie­ve in any magi­cal prac­ti­ces, Hal­lo­we­en, but in the com­mu­nion of saints , that is, the pre­sen­ce of saints among us. The question ari­ses: who is a saint?

St. Paul of Tar­sus wro­te let­ters to the saints, e.g. to the saints in Ephe­sus (Eph 1: 1), to “all saints in Christ Jesus who are in Phi­lip­pi” (Phil 1: 1), and yet they were nor­mal, such as we, sin­ners. Becau­se holi­ness does not mean sin­les­sness. Holi­ness is nor­ma­li­ty, hone­sty with God and with our­se­lves. Holi­ness is the abi­li­ty to see in your­self a simi­la­ri­ty to God and at the same time own weak­ness. Holi­ness is repen­tan­ce and a zealo­us desi­re for impro­ve­ment. Holi­ness is a con­stant lon­ging to love MORE God and other people.

To such saints, tho­ugh not cano­ni­zed, but sin­ce­re­ly loving God, Mother Tere­sa Potoc­ka undo­ub­te­dly belon­ged, who had the power to be always gra­te­ful to God and to do God’s will (and this is what sanc­ti­ty is all abo­ut) deri­ved from the ado­ra­tion of the Bles­sed Sacra­ment. She mode­led her life on Mary, hen­ce her favo­ri­te song was the Magni­fi­cat. She loved to help women and moral­ly neglec­ted women entru­sted to her, whom she raised like a real mother.

On Novem­ber 1, 1862, she foun­ded the Con­gre­ga­tion of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mer­cy in Poland. St. Fau­sti­na Kowal­ska, who, after all, reached the heights of holi­ness, also mode­led her love for God, con­sti­pa­tion of her will, spi­rit of sacri­fi­ce and thin­king abo­ut the salva­tion of souls. In her spi­ri­tu­al Dia­ry St. Fau­sti­na wro­te: “Befo­re All Souls’ Day, I went to the ceme­te­ry at dusk. Altho­ugh it was loc­ked, I mana­ged to open the gate a bit and said, „If you need some­thing, my dear lit­tle souls, I will be glad to help you to the extent that the rule per­mits me.” I then heard the­se words, „Do the will of God; we are hap­py in the measu­re that we have ful­fil­led God’s will.” (Dia­ry 518). 

That is why I belie­ve that saints are not only tho­se who alre­ady enjoy the gift of Heaven and co-wor­ship with God and pray with us and for us, but I also belie­ve that saints are at scho­ol and at work … Christ always sanc­ti­fies us whe­ne­ver we call for his mer­cy. We can con­fi­den­tly say: yes, we are saints, altho­ugh we want to be even more …