Days of the Apostles of Divine Mercy – CD

Dear Apo­stles of Divi­ne Mer­cy!

Do you want to deepen your rela­tion­ship with God by get­ting to know Divi­ne Mer­cy and your­self? The CD with the recor­ding of the con­fe­ren­ces of Father Krzysz­tof Wons SDS and the Sisters of Our Lady of Mer­cy from the 3rd Inter­na­tio­nal Days of the Apo­stles of Divi­ne Mer­cy is a gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty for this. We enco­ura­ge you to pur­cha­se them.

1. Lec­tio divi­na and Divi­ne Mer­cy – Rev. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS
2. “Medi­ta­te upon My won­dro­us wounds” – Sr. M. Ema­nu­ela Gem­za, OLM
3. Mer­cy Incar­na­te in the man­ger – Rev. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS
4. Son – the Face of Mer­ci­ful Father – Rev. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS
5. “Sins of distrust wound Me most pain­ful­ly” – Sr. Miriam Janiec, OLM
6. Mer­cy in the house of the unmer­ci­ful man – Rev. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS
7. “Bring your hand and put it into my side” – Rev. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS
8. “I demand of you deeds of mer­cy” – Sr. Maria Fau­sty­na Cibo­row­ska, OLM
9. Caring for the woun­ded God – Rev. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS
10. Mer­cy will ask for love in the end – Rev. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS
11. “Today I am sen­ding you with My mer­cy to the people of the who­le world” – Sr. M. Dia­na Kuczek, OLM

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