Days of the Apostles of Divine Mercy – Day 5

Extra­or­di­na­ri­ly pas­sio­na­te testi­mo­nies of people from dif­fe­rent parts of the world was the domi­nant the­me today.  The­se lovers of the Divi­ne Mer­cy gave wit­ness abo­ut the deve­lop­ment, in the­ir own coun­tries, of the wor­ship of the Divi­ne Mer­cy accor­ding to the visions of the holy sister, St. Fau­sti­na.  Marvel­lo­us pho­tos, inte­re­sting film clips, bre­ath­ta­king wit­nes­ses of apo­sto­la­tes of the Divi­ne Mer­cy all over the world gave glo­ry to God! He has done gre­at things in human hearts who open them­se­lves to expe­rien­ce the beau­ty of Divi­ne Mer­cy and sha­re Him with others. 

An atmo­sphe­re of thanks­gi­ving accom­pa­nied the eve­ning spent in small-gro­up sha­ring abo­ut one’s per­so­nal expe­rien­ce of divi­ne love and mer­cy.

The Inter­na­tio­nal Days of the Apo­stles of Divi­ne Mer­cy is slow­ly coming to the end. We are gra­te­ful to God for this uni­que time becau­se we had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be convin­ced, one aga­in, of how we have beco­me a gre­at fami­ly – a com­mu­ni­ty that God has cal­led so that the spark of His Mer­cy may igni­te the who­le world!