Days of the Apostles of Divine Mercy – Day 3

The third day of this extra­or­di­na­ry gathe­ring of people for whom the mes­sa­ge of Divi­ne Mer­cy is the prio­ri­ty, unfol­ded in an atmo­sphe­re of con­tem­pla­ti­ve medi­ta­tion on Jesus’ words that are full of pain: “Sins of distrust hurt Me the most” (Dia­ry 1076). Liste­ning to the con­fe­ren­ce of Sr. Miriam Janiec, ZMBM we lear­ned what trust means in the prac­ti­ce of daily life. We had an occa­sion to be per­su­aded abo­ut the limi­tless love of God for each one of us despi­te our weak­ness and sins. Fr. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS, using the Gospel pas­sa­ge abo­ut Zac­cha­eus, the tax col­lec­tor poin­ted out that “Christ sees what is good in man, the deep desi­re in man’s heart to chan­ge one’s life, which often other people do not see.”  Fr. Ger­mán Gusta­vo Sak­so­noff, C.O pre­si­ded over the Holy Mass today, which was cele­bra­ted in Spa­nish. Fr. Mau­ro Jesús Car­lo­ro­si, C.O. gave the homi­ly in Spa­nish with a sum­ma­ry in English.  He com­men­ted on two pla­ces in the Holy Land, Bethes­da and Caper­naum, that struck him as signi­fi­cant during his recent visit the­re becau­se of the meaning of the rays of the Ima­ge of Divi­ne Mer­cy. By the waters of the Pool of Bethes­da, Jesus asks an ill man and us as well, “Do you want to be healed?” then go to the sacra­ment of con­fes­sion (the pale ray in the Ima­ge).  In Caper­naum, after some disci­ples couldn’t accept the teaching of Jesus on the Eucha­rist, He asked them and us as well, “Do you also want to leave me?” Then go to the Eucha­rist, Holy Mass and Ado­ra­tion (the red ray in the Ima­ge). Befo­re and after the Mass the­re  was time for Con­fes­sion. God’s gra­ce moved many par­ti­ci­pants to go to Jesus to give Him the­ir weak­nes­ses and sins.  An eve­ning ado­ra­tion of the Most Bles­sed Sacra­ment, with music and pray­ers led by the Sisters, conc­lu­ded this won­der­ful­ly rich day. Pra­ise to God’s Mer­cy fore­ver!