Days of the Apostles of Divine Mercy – Day 2

This second day was a time to learn abo­ut the Divi­ne Mer­cy more tho­ro­ugh­ly. Sr. Ema­nu­ela Gem­za, OLM, during her con­fe­ren­ce, drew atten­tion to the Ima­ge of the Mer­ci­ful Jesus.  Thro­ugh it, God who is Mer­cy shows him­self visu­al­ly, thro­ugh an ima­ge. Fr. Krzysz­tof Wons, SDS, ana­ly­zing pas­sa­ges from two chap­ters of the Gospel of Luke, ferven­tly enco­ura­ged all to medi­ta­te on the gre­at mer­cy of God expres­sed in the act of Incar­na­tion.  

The Most Rev. Mar­tin Igwe Uzo­ukwu, Bishop of Min­na, Nige­ria pre­si­ded over the Eucha­ri­stic Ado­ra­tion and Holy Mass – a time to pon­der even more deeply the myste­ry of keno­sis, of the divi­ne con­de­scen­sion of God who for us beca­me Man and was born not in a pala­ce, not to a rich fami­ly but in a poor, man­ger in Beth­le­hem. And all this so that he may lift man up, bre­ak him free from the ‘sta­ble’ that is human sin.

Such an expe­rien­ce of God who comes to us with his love leads to giving wit­ness. And so this eve­ning, the­re will be time for all par­ti­ci­pants to sha­re the­ir per­so­nal expe­rien­ce of the God of mer­cy – they will bre­ak out into small gro­ups divi­ded by lan­gu­age to do so.