There’s nothing more powerful…

Once, as I was going down the hall to the kit­chen, I heard the­se words in my soul: Say unce­asin­gly the cha­plet that I have tau­ght you. Who­ever will reci­te it will rece­ive gre­at mer­cy at the hour of death. Prie­sts will recom­mend it to sin­ners as the­ir last hope of salva­tion. Even if the­re were a sin­ner most har­de­ned, if he were to reci­te this cha­plet only once, he would rece­ive gra­ce from My infi­ni­te mer­cy. I desi­re that the who­le world know My infi­ni­te mer­cy. I desi­re to grant uni­ma­gi­na­ble gra­ces to tho­se souls who trust in My mer­cy. (D 687)

My dau­gh­ter, enco­ura­ge souls to say the cha­plet which I have given to you. It ple­ases Me to grant eve­ry­thing they ask of Me by say­ing the cha­plet. When har­de­ned sin­ners say it, I will fill the­ir souls with peace, and the hour of the­ir death will be a hap­py one. Wri­te this for the bene­fit of distres­sed souls; when a soul sees and reali­zes the gra­vi­ty of it sins, when the who­le abyss of the mise­ry into which it immer­sed itself is display­ed befo­re its eyes, let it not despa­ir, but with trust let it throw itself into the arms of My mer­cy, as a child into the arms of its belo­ved mother. The­se souls have a right of prio­ri­ty to My com­pas­sio­na­te Heart they have first access to My mer­cy. Tell them that no soul that has cal­led upon My mer­cy has been disap­po­in­ted or bro­ught to sha­me. I deli­ght par­ti­cu­lar­ly in a soul which has pla­ced its trust in My good­ness. Wri­te that when they say this cha­plet in the pre­sen­ce of the dying, I will stand betwe­en My Father and the dying per­son, not as the just Jud­ge but as the mer­ci­ful Savior. (D 1541)

The­re is no such thing as a no-win situ­ation. Nothing is lost yet. God never gives up on man, even the most har­de­ned sin­ner. To rescue the one drow­ning in sin and in his own power­les­sness, God throws a life­sa­ver. That is, the Cha­plet of the Divi­ne Mer­cy.