Rest a bit

It is very impor­tant in our eve­ry­day life to find time for rest, for an after­no­on nap, quick bre­ak in the day. Christ, God Him­self was awa­re of this – and when seeing the weari­ness of the Apo­stles, invi­ted them to rest in silen­ce and in soli­tu­de (Mk 6:31). He also enco­ura­ged Sister Fau­sti­na to do the same, say­ing: Lay your head on My sho­ul­der, rest and rega­in your strength. (Dia­ry 498). May we also take advan­ta­ge of this invi­ta­tion of God!

We can­not work non­stop and con­stan­tly be at full spe­ed. We need moments of silen­ce, moments to stop to order our tho­ughts, to reflect on what is real­ly impor­tant in life. This is neces­sa­ry not only for the pro­per func­tio­ning of the human psy­che and for the health of our enti­re body, but also our spi­rit.

The most impor­tant thing, howe­ver, is that our rest sho­uld be fil­led not only with con­cern for the rege­ne­ra­tion of the body, but also the spi­rit. That is why it is good to spend time with God each day during the holi­days, sim­ply to lay our head on His sho­ul­der during pray­er, to immer­se all our wor­ries, fears and plans in Him with trust*, to turn off our cell pho­ne for just a few hours to look into His eyes with peace in our heart, bre­athe in gra­ti­tu­de for this moment of meeting with Him — Silen­ce. In addi­tion to tho­se moments of the “desert” (silen­ce alo­ne with God) it is also good to spend time with tho­se whom we love so much, and with whom we may not regu­lar­ly be able to devo­te quali­ty time and spen­ding time is a man­ner of loving. 

Let’s rest with God and with our neigh­bo­ur to draw strength to love more.

*This is part of the essen­ce of that trust which con­so­les the Heart of Jesus: that we not let our daily bur­dens con­su­me us, but that we always know to put them at His feet, kno­wing He cares more abo­ut them than we do.