Take as much as you can

That is the Heart of God! It knows no limits in for­gi­ving and sho­we­ring us with Its gra­ces. Jesus said to St. Fau­sti­na: Take as many tre­asu­res from My Heart as you can car­ry… (D. 294) How? By a sin­ce­re pray­er and a desi­re to come to know and ful­fil God’s will not our own, by per­for­ming the acts of mer­cy towards others and what is the most impor­tant by trust in God expres­sed in the atti­tu­de of gra­ti­tu­de for all that I have alre­ady rece­ived and for what I can­not wait for still. Jesus wants to give us much, right now. He real­ly wants us to be hap­py. He enco­ura­ges us to take gra­ces from the tre­asu­ry of His Heart with a ves­sel of trust and He wants us to take them not only for our­se­lves, but also for others. He said: Enco­ura­ge the souls with whom you come in con­tact to trust in My infi­ni­te mer­cy. Oh, how I love tho­se souls who have com­ple­te con­fi­den­ce in Me. I will do eve­ry­thing for them (D. 294). I am glad that they demand a lot, becau­se my desi­re is to give a lot, and a lot. On the other hand, I am sor­ro­wing, if souls demand lit­tle, they tigh­ten the­ir hearts. (D. 1578). I rejo­ice that they ask for much, becau­se it is My desi­re to give much, very much. On the other hand, I am sad when souls ask for lit­tle, when they nar­row the­ir hearts (D. 1578).

The solem­ni­ty of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a spe­cial occa­sion to nestle clo­se to the Heart of God, to hear the beating of His Heart – the Heart that beats … FOR ME.