In the gift of Holy Com­mu­nion, Jesus in His Body, Blo­od Soul and Divi­ni­ty, comes under the spe­cies of Bre­ad to our hearts. Toge­ther with Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spi­rit enter our inte­rior. We beco­me the dwel­ling pla­ce for the Triu­ne God. It is ama­zing to have such a Guest in our hearts, such a Power of Love. No won­der that the Apo­stle of Divi­ne Mer­cy, after rece­iving Holy Com­mu­nion, wro­te: I know God is in my heart. And the fact that I feel Him in my heart does not inter­fe­re with my duties. Even when I am dealing with very impor­tant mat­ters which requ­ire atten­tion, I do not lose the pre­sen­ce of God in my soul, and I am clo­se­ly uni­ted with Him. With Him I go to work, with Him I go for recre­ation, with Him I suf­fer, with Him I rejo­ice; I live in Him and He in me. I am never alo­ne, becau­se He is my con­stant com­pa­nion… (Dia­ry 318).

May we cele­bra­te the myste­ry of God’s real pre­sen­ce in the Bles­sed Sacra­ment today — on the Solem­ni­ty the Most Holy Body and Blo­od of Christ — and eve­ry day of our lives.