It’s an honour to be in such Company!

What a God! The One and Only, but not sel­fish. Three Per­sons, but one Divi­ne natu­re: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spi­rit Who under­stand One Ano­ther per­fec­tly, altho­ugh each of them has a dif­fe­rent task. They have the same goal, they have the same moti­va­tion. They coope­ra­te with One Ano­ther with love, make deci­sions toge­ther, sha­re joys and sor­rows toge­ther. The myste­ry of this uni­ty was per­fec­tly pre­sen­ted by St. Fau­sti­na in her “Dia­ry”: The Three Divi­ne Per­sons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spi­rit. But the­ir being, the­ir equ­ali­ty, and the­ir maje­sty are one. My soul is in com­mu­nion with the­se Three; but I do not know how to express this in words; yet, my soul under­stands it well. Who­ever is uni­ted to One of the Three Per­sons is the­re­by uni­ted to the who­le Bles­sed Tri­ni­ty, for this One­ness is indi­vi­si­ble (Dia­ry, 472).

What is appe­aling is The­ir uni­ty and mutu­al love. But even more ama­zing and inspi­ring is the fact that this Triu­ne God, out of His unfa­tho­ma­ble mer­cy, invi­tes me, you, eve­ry­bo­dy to enter into this rela­tion­ship, to live with such love that exi­sts betwe­en the Three Divi­ne Per­sons. It’s ama­zing! This is how God loves me. How He wants to intro­du­ce me – “a tiny par­tic­le of the uni­ver­se” — into His secrets, into the world of His desi­res, plans, rela­tion­ships, sim­ply into His life.