The Holy Spirit loves silence

Faith­ful­ness to the inspi­ra­tions of the Holy Spi­rit — that is the shor­test route (D. 291) to sanc­ti­ty. St. Fau­sti­na under­sto­od this when she expe­rien­ced how dif­fi­cult it was to accom­plish this task in her eve­ry­day life, so she often pray­ed for the gra­ce of inner recol­lec­tion, for the Holy Spi­rit does not spe­ak to a soul that is distrac­ted and gar­ru­lo­us. He spe­aks by His quiet inspi­ra­tions to a soul that is recol­lec­ted, to a soul that knows how to keep silen­ce (D. 552). She tried to reco­gni­ze the voice of God, to listen to Him in the sanc­tu­ary of her con­scien­ce, some­how dra­wing from her inte­rior cer­ta­in tho­ughts — enli­gh­ten­ments, or urges to per­form cer­ta­in acts. The­re were situ­ations when Sister Fau­sti­na had dif­fi­cul­ties to pro­per­ly distin­gu­ish betwe­en God’s inspi­ra­tions and sata­nic temp­ta­tions. In such moments it was the Mother — the Church that always came to help her, in the gift of the con­fes­sors and spi­ri­tu­al direc­tor, in the gift of the supe­riors and the reli­gio­us rule, and final­ly in the gift of cle­ar teaching of the Church, God’s com­mand­ments, duties of the sta­te. She knew that faith­ful­ness to the inspi­ra­tions of the Holy Spi­rit requ­ired con­stant vigi­lan­ce: A distrac­ted soul runs the risk of a fall, and let it not be sur­pri­sed when it does fall. O Spi­rit of God, Direc­tor of the soul, wise is he whom You have tra­ined! But for the Spi­rit of God to act in the soul, peace and recol­lec­tion are needed (D. 145).

Let us pray then for that gra­ce: O Jesus, keep me in holy fear (that is in fear of com­mit­ting a sin), so that I may not waste gra­ces. Help me to be faith­ful to the inspi­ra­tions of the Holy Spi­rit (D.1557).