With the Holy Spirit – Day 8

During the day I will reflect on the fol­lo­wing words from the Dia­ry of St. Fau­sti­na:

O my Jesus, how very easy it is to beco­me holy; all that is needed is a bit of good will. If Jesus sees this lit­tle bit of good will in the soul, He hur­ries to give Him­self to the soul, and nothing can stop Him, neither short­co­mings nor falls — abso­lu­te­ly nothing. Jesus is anxio­us to help that soul, and if it is faith­ful to this gra­ce from God, it can very soon atta­in the highest holi­ness possi­ble for a cre­atu­re here on earth. God is very gene­ro­us and does not deny His gra­ce to any­one. Inde­ed He gives more than what we ask of Him. Faith­ful­ness to the inspi­ra­tions of the Holy Spi­rit — that is the shor­test route (D. 291).

Holy Spi­rit, come with the gift of faith­ful­ness so that I may not waste God’s gra­ces.