With the Holy Spirit – Day 7

During the day I will reflect on the fol­lo­wing words from the Dia­ry of St. Fau­sti­na:

The Holy Spi­rit does not spe­ak to a soul that is distrac­ted and gar­ru­lo­us. He spe­aks by His quiet inspi­ra­tions to a soul that is recol­lec­ted, to a soul that knows how to keep silen­ce (D. 552). I am try­ing my best to be faith­ful thro­ugho­ut the day to the Holy Spi­rit and to ful­fill His demands. I am try­ing my best for inte­rior silen­ce in order to be able to hear His voice… (D. 1828).

Holy Spi­rit, come with the gift of meek­ness and inner recol­lec­tion so that I may faith­ful­ly fol­low Your inspi­ra­tions and with love ful­fill the will of God in my life.