With the Holy Spirit – Day 6

During the day I will reflect on the fol­lo­wing words from the Dia­ry of St. Fau­sti­na:

Bear with gre­at calm and patien­ce eve­ry­thing that befalls you. Do not defend your­self when you are put to sha­me, tho­ugh inno­cent. Let others triumph. Do not stop being good when you noti­ce that your good­ness is being abu­sed. I Myself will spe­ak up for you when it is neces­sa­ry. Be gra­te­ful for the smal­lest of My gra­ces, becau­se your gra­ti­tu­de com­pels Me to grant you new gra­ces… (D. 1701).

Holy Spi­rit, come with the gift of good­ness so that I may for­gi­ve offen­ces wil­lin­gly and not hold a grud­ge in my heart.