14 ways to do works of mercy”

”For we are God’s han­di­work, cre­ated in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God pre­pa­red in advan­ce for us to do.” (Eph 2: 10). This awa­re­ness fills me with joy. I am a per­son cre­ated by God. Saint Paul wri­tes:” I am His cre­ation”. Good and mer­ci­ful God appo­in­ted me, so that I have my sha­re in the love of the Holy Tri­ni­ty and love myself and my bro­thers with the love which He Him­self poured into my heart. How good is Almi­gh­ty God! How much He has tru­sted me! Jesus desi­res that my faith and love be expres­sed in deeds. Befo­re the ages began, I had been pre­pa­red and sum­mo­ned to ful­fil this mis­sion, so that the will of the Father who desi­res my hap­pi­ness and salva­tion be ful­fil­led in this way. 

Never­the­less, it is with gre­at appre­hen­sion that I look at the con­tem­po­ra­ry world full of rela­ti­vism, con­sump­tio­nism and con­for­mism. I often think that the world of valu­es belongs to the past, whe­re­as sub­jec­ti­vism and indi­vi­du­alism keep direc­ting me towards my needs only. The histo­ry of sin and evil con­ti­nu­es cease­les­sly, win­ning over new fol­lo­wers. The power of evil seems appal­ling and over­whel­ming. Still, I do not lose hope in God’s mer­cy. Jesus rede­emed me in the work of salva­tion, accom­pli­shed in the pas­sion and death on the cross, but He rose aga­in the third day. 

The vic­to­ry in on the side of good, on the side of the Almi­gh­ty God. I am looking for the methods to sha­re the mer­cy I have expe­rien­ced in my life… I can enu­me­ra­te at least 14 of such works com­pri­sing: 7 cor­po­ral and 7 spi­ri­tu­al works of mer­cy. With Saint Fau­sti­na I embark upon a jour­ney to meet God in my bro­thers and sisters with an aim to beco­me ful­ly human.

The book “14  ways to do works of mer­cy” is ava­ila­ble in the “Mise­ri­cor­dia” book­shop and it can be orde­red from the Inter­net shop at www.misericordia.faustyna.pl.