Let’s do it!

Just today, 4th Sun­day of Easter, World Day of Pray­er for Voca­tions.

Dear Apo­stles of the Divi­ne Mer­cy, Sister Faustina’s mis­sion is our mis­sion, so let’s do it! And today, on the Good She­pherd Sun­day, Jesus calls us in a spe­cial way to pray for voca­tions and for the holi­ness of the con­se­cra­ted man and women: I pla­ce in your care two pearls very pre­cio­us to My Heart: the­se are the souls of prie­sts and reli­gio­us. You will pray par­ti­cu­lar­ly for them (Dia­ry, 531). The futu­re of the Church and all the nations depends on our pray­ers, on our self-sacri­fi­ces taken on a volun­ta­ry basis, taken out of love for the incre­ase in num­bers of voca­tions in the world. The­se are not lofty slo­gans. The salva­tion of many souls depends on the apo­sto­lic zeal of each of us, expres­sed in fervent pray­er for voca­tions. The more holy voca­tions, the more good in the world in accor­dan­ce with what Sister Fau­sti­na wro­te in her Dia­ry: Cho­sen souls are, in My hand, lights which I cast into the dark­ness of the world and with which I illu­mi­ne it. As stars illu­mi­ne the night, so cho­sen souls illu­mi­ne the earth. And the more per­fect a soul is, the stron­ger and the more far-reaching is the light shed by it. It can be hid­den and unk­nown, even to tho­se clo­sest to it, and yet its holi­ness is reflec­ted in souls even to the most distant extre­mi­ties of the world. (Dia­ry 1601). Let us ask the master of the harvest to send out labo­urers for his harvest (Lk 10: 2).