It’s now or never

None of us know whe­ther we will live next year, so it’s now or never! The only such oppor­tu­ni­ty: April 28 this year, in eve­ry Roman Catho­lic church, at any lati­tu­de. What lies ahe­ad of us? A gra­ce gre­ater than ple­na­ry indul­gen­ce, that is, com­ple­te for­gi­ve­ness and sins and puni­sh­ments. The gra­ce that even none of us dre­amed abo­ut. Imma­cu­la­te whi­te­ness of the soul and the fre­edom of God’s chil­dren within easy reach. Do not miss this oppor­tu­ni­ty, becau­se, as Jesus said: Souls perish in spi­te of My bit­ter Pas­sion. I am giving them the last hope of Salva­tion; that is, the Feast of My Mer­cy. If they will not ado­re My mer­cy, they will perish for all eter­ni­ty  (Dia­ry, 965).

So what are we to do to draw this spe­cial gra­ce? Jesus says: The gra­ces of My mer­cy are drawn by means of one ves­sel only, and that is — trust. The more a soul tru­sts, the more it will rece­ive (Dia­ry, 1578). Then, so dispo­sed, let us take care to be in a sta­te of sanc­ti­fy­ing gra­ce, that is, witho­ut mor­tal sin. Jesus tells us how to do it: It suf­fi­ces to come with faith to the feet of My repre­sen­ta­ti­ve and to reve­al to him one’s mise­ry, and the mirac­le of Divi­ne Mer­cy will be ful­ly demon­stra­ted (Dia­ry, 1448) and final­ly, with a living faith, rece­ive the gift of Holy Com­mu­nion on the Feast of Mer­cy, accor­ding to Jesus’ words: I desi­re that the Feast of Mer­cy be a refu­ge and shel­ter  for all souls, and espe­cial­ly for poor sin­ners. On that day the very dep­ths of My ten­der mer­cy are open. I pour out a who­le oce­an of gra­ces upon tho­se souls who appro­ach the Fount of My Mer­cy. The soul that will go to Con­fes­sion and rece­ive Holy Com­mu­nion shall obta­in com­ple­te for­gi­ve­ness of sins and puni­sh­ment. On that day all the divi­ne flo­od­ga­tes thro­ugh which gra­ce flow are ope­ned (Dia­ry, 699).

Remem­ber! First Sun­day after Easter! There’s no other day like it during the year!